Caroline’s story

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It all started with a post it note...

On yet another Saturday in the office alone with her young daughter working on the edge of her desk, her daughter was quietly doodling on post it notes having raided the stationery cupboard whilst Caroline got stuck into the grind.   

Working long hours/weekends Caroline was caught in a cycle of ticking boxes, keeping up on perceived overtime, completing other peoples unfinished work which was all centred around things that happened in the past.  This pattern was on repeat and felt unauthentic.

When Caroline called it time on this given Saturday, feeling she had only dented the to do list, she and her daughter went home.

Its wasn’t until the Monday morning when Caroline was back to the working week and feeling deflated with an ever increasing and uninspiring to do list that she looked at her desk and found the colourful post it notes which instantly made her smile and gave her purpose.  The post it note that stood out and made her stop to think was the one below.

This post it note was a keeper. Caroline put this one her wall and every single day after this she looked at it at the start of the day, middle and end. She didn’t know why but she wanted to feel like her daughter did when drawing this.

2 years later, Caroline and the post it note closed the chapter and door to her office and went on to create Infinitas with this drawing which went on to be the logo and core principle to the company.

These core principles remain for our team, our clients and our professional partners:

  • Feeling you can fly by removing the barriers
  • Being proactive in the moment as opposed to reactive after the event
  • Sense of purpose and having fun

Caroline remains grateful for her accountancy journey in practice.  The training and experiences with incredible colleagues and clients has all come together and she took the best parts to establish a modern digital practice. 

Everyone has a story and Caroline’s decision to close the door to 20 years of service to her first practice was certainly not an easy decision.  It was as much out of respect as it was timing to create a new practice that embraced the Digital accounting age and there was no looking back with Covid occurring within 1 month of her decision accelerated the demand for digital.

And so the story continues with the incredible Infinitas team, onward professional network and of course the inspiring clients we have the pleasure of working with each and every day.