Save money and improve your payroll…top tips

Here are some top tips from our payroll department who not only provide outsourced ...

Here are some top tips from our payroll department who not only provide outsourced payroll services but in-year health checks, audits and training and here are some things they have found…

  • Annual employers allowance
    • Make sure you are making your claim if you are eligible
    • In the past this has been automatic but from last year an application had to be made
    • We have had a number of clients who have come to us having used other accountants and upon our healthcheck we have found claims not been made and we successfully backdated reclaims with a recent case of £4,000 returned to our client
  • Furlough
    • With so many changes and HMRC reclaims and checks inevitable make sure your records are up to date and correct
    • We are finding common errors come from incorrect accounting for holiday days, notice period and furlough period.
  • Cloud systems
    • Using a cloud platform allows your staff to access their payroll records and update details without the administrative burden falling on your company
    • Add on apps are now widely available enabling your payroll systems to work alongside HR for example
      • Holiday planners, shift planning, training records and many other HR management tools
  • Healthcheck
    • Whether you run an in house payroll or outsource there can be lots gained from a periodic  healthcheck
      • Recommendations on systems to ensure the best reliability and efficiency
      • Compliance recommendations
      • Staff training
      • Observations
  • Salary sacrifice
    • This can be a good system if operated correctly
    • Often clients shy away from this area
      • for many clients this can be a money saving tool to benefit employees and the company and manage payroll annual rises whilst meeting employee expectations

At Infinitas our payroll services and reviews are conducted by fully qualified in both payroll and pensions.  Experience is vast with over 25 years servicing payrolls of all sizes from manufacturing groups to family run companies to charities and education.  We pride ourselves in not only the very best payroll service but value to our clients.

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